HRL Tournament Rules
Read them over as the 2010 season will have new additions and changes. All Changes are in Red. Check them out!!!

  1. No base running.
  2. Teams shall carry at least 1 and no more than 5 players on their roster.
  3. Teams may field 3 players or less on defense, but may have up to 5 batters.
  4. All fielders must bat. ( If a player is hurt and skips there turn in the batting, they may not play anymore that game )
  5. Strike zone is 20” wide by 30” high, 15” from the ground. Any
    pitch hitting the border or center or top of the strike zone is a strike. A
    pitch hitting the legs of the zone is a ball.
  6. A pitched ball that hits the batter is a ball, although the batter must attempt to avoid being hit. Batter makes all fair and foul calls. Line calls are made by the fielder closest to the play. Pitcher makes check swing calls.
  7. Pitch count-
    1. A walk is 5 balls.
    2. Unlimited Foul Balls. 
    3. A foul ball that hits the strike zone when batter already has a first strike is considered an out. This is the GK rule. 
    4. Swing and a miss is an out.
  8. Pitching speed limit is 35 mph, enforced with radar gun. Penalty- Player may not pitch any more during that game plus the next game.
  9. Pitching mound is 43' 6" from strike zone. Singles line is at 43' 6". Doubles line is at 65'. Home run fence is at 85' straight away, 89' to foul poles. Fence is 5' high with 52' between foul poles.
  10. Foul balls-
    1. Any hit ball not reaching the singles line is a strike.
    2. Ground ball outside of foul lines when reaching singles line.
    3. Fly ball  landing in foul ground, touched in foul ground, or going wide of foul poles. If ball is touched in foul territory it is foul.
  11. Singles-
    1. Any ball reaching the singles line in fair ground.
    2. Ground ball not fielded cleanly in front of singles line. bobbles are ok. The ball cannot hit the ground.
    3. Fair fly ball touched but not caught short of singles line.
    4. You may only step up as far as the mat's to field a ball in front the singles line.
    5. If mats are not on singles line. Only 1 step in is allowed to field ball.
  12. Doubles- Fair ball reaching the doubles line in the air, but not the fence.
  13. Triples- Fair ball that touches the fence in the air.
  14. Home runs- Fair ball landing over the fence in the air, or goes over the fence after hitting a fielder while still in the air, or hitting a foul pole above the fence.
  15. Double plays- Fly balls and Ground balls caught and then immediately thrown to hit the strike zone in the air. Can be turned with or without runners on base. If Runner is on base and it is completed the lead runner is removed.  Runners do not advance on missed attempt.
  16. Imaginary runners on base advance as hitter does. Example. a single-1 base, A double-2 bases, A triple-3 bases, A HR- all 4 bases.
  17. New this year: Tag Rule, With a runner on third and less than 2 outs a player may yell tag in the case of a caught fly ball. Only the runner on third can advance.
  18. Only the official (baseball size) plastic wiffle ball with 8 elongated holes will be used.
  19. Balls may not be intentionally scuffed or sanded. New or used only! No ball with a crack greater than 1/4" may be used. All balls are subject to approval by the tournament director. Only balls distributed after 2003 with the new serial number may be used.
  20. Yellow bats or aluminum wiffleball bats only.  ( No bat may exceed 36' inches in length )  Any bat is subject to approval by the Tournament director.
  21. All players must play bare handed. Batters may only use batting glove when batting.
  22. Fielders can position as they wish in fair territory without obstructing the batter. Pitchers must pitch from the center of the field at the singles line.
  23. Each game is 5 innings long. If game is tied after 5 innings, the 6th begins with the bases loaded and every inning there after untill we get a winner.
  24. Playoff games will be 5 innings long. If the game is tied after 5 innings the 6th begins with the bases loaded and every inning there after untill we get a winner.
  25. Game is official after 3 innings, with a 10 run rule after 3 innings in a 5 inning game. There is a 15 run rule after 2 innings. Games will be played in any  weather conditions.
  26. The rules of major league baseball shall apply to all situations not covered by these rules.
  27. Protesting games- When a captain protests a game, the other team's captain must be notified at the time the play under protest occurs and before the next pitch is made. Decisions of the officials are final.
  28. NO alcohol will be permitted on the premises. 
  29. There is no smoking within the playing fields. Only outside the confines of the baseball field itself. in the parking lot.
  30. Throwing a bat or intentionally hitting a strike zone with a bat will result in ejection from the game and suspension for 1 game.
  31. Unruly conduct will not be tolerated. Penalties include but are not limited to-
    1. Ejection from the game.
    2. Forfeit of the game.
    3. Ejection from the tournament.
  32. If a forfiet happens.

         1. if a teams leaves or is unable to play for any reason, a 5-0 victory will be awarded to the opposing team. 1 run per inning.

Please pick up after yourselves, put all trash in one of the trash cans located around the baseball field.