Here is how the 2010 tournament payouts breakdown. 

For the tournament payouts will be:
We try to give out as much as possible.  Standard payouts are between 40%-60% to prize money.  We hope to try to give out between $400-$500 to first no matter what. It all depends on the amount of teams.   But the money goes up as the teams do.   If we can sell out each time we would like to payout 8 out of the 13 teams that make playoff's.
The Championship Purse Breakdown!
24 teams x $100 per team= $2400- $300 Expenses.
 1st- $600, 2nd- $500, 3rd- $400, 4th-$300, 5th- $200, 6th- $100, 7th and 8th- Free entry to an HRL Tourney.  
( This is based on the 24 teams ) With less than 24 we will still take out expenses and Trophy.  Then the rest will go to the prize money.  It may also be more to prize money depending on the amount of expenses.