Here is a list of the past HRL Tournament winnner's- ( To the best of my knowledge.)
HRL Tournament Winner's
1999- French Lickie's
2001-Brew Crew
2002- Brew Crew
2005-Absolute Doom
2007-June 24th-30 Something
2007-August 5th-Dirt Bags
2008-May 10th- Doom
2008-June 21st- Absolute Gunners
2008-July 19th- Plastic Jihad
2008-August 3rd- Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Absolute
2008 Regular Season Points Champs- Absolute Gunners
2008-September 20th Championship- Doom
2009-May 16th- Doom
2009-June 20th- Doom
2009-July 18th- Doom
2009-August 9th- Doom
2009 Regular season Points Champs-DOOM
NE Championship- August 29th- DOOM
2010-May 8th- Absolute Gunners
2010-June 19th- Absolute Gunners
2010-July 17th- Absolute Gunners
2010-August 14th- Absolute Gunners
2010 Regular season Points Champs-Doom
NE Championship- August 21st- 10 Run Rule
2010 October 2nd- Doom
2011-May 8th- Doom
2011-July 17th- Absolute Gunners
2011- August 6th- Lou's Diamonds
2011 Regular Season Points Champ- Doom