Patrick "Pops" Moriarty
The HRL's Founding father.  Played 1986-2004 ( 15 full  Seasons )
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1 time Finalist ( 2000 )
6 time Semi-Finalist ( 89', 91', 93', 99'-01' )
HR Rank- 9th All-Time ( 319 )
4th best Era All-Time 2.26 ( Record held from 01'-07' )
7th on the All-Time Wins list ( 88 )
3 time Cy Wiffle 99'-01'
He was given the Lifetime Achievement award 2003 and given a plaque to honor his career in 2006.
4 Time All-Star
   The first player to have his number retired was the man who started it all, Pops. His number 15 is a staple at the park that bares his name.  Pops got the league started with his sons Pat and Cary and nieghborhood kids Tom and Randy in 1986.  Pops played himself from 1986-2004. Then made a few appearances in 2006 and 2007.  Although he was not as well known for his offense as he was for his pitching.  He is still currently is 9th on the All-time HR list with 319 HR's. 
  Pops had his number retired onto the right field wall in 2003 as well his team the A's. He went 1-1 in 2 starts in 2006 and 2007. His last start in 2007 was vintage Pops as he pitched a 3-0, 2 hit shutout over his son Cary.   Pops is perhaps the best pitcher the league has ever seen. Although Pops never won a title he did make his lone finals appearance in 2000 Losing to his son Truck 2 games to 1. He won the Cy wiffle in 1999-2001.  In 2001 he posted a 14-4 record to lead the league in win% while having the lowest Era of all-time. ( A record that stood until 2007 )     In an era where pitching was top notch Pops lead the way.  The Cy wiffle's, lifetime achivements and accomplishments cannot be measured in just numbers. What Pops did for this league and what he did for all of us is what most of us will remember. He taught us sportsmanship, friendship and life.  He was more of a father figure to most of us then just another player. He got us the generator, fence and just about everything we needed to succeed with the league. He tried to make us better people not just players. He Taught us lesson's for on and off the field.  Pops recently helped us celebrate in 2009 the league's 20th season by throwing out the first pitch on opening day. 
  Although his HRL days may be over now he will not be forgotton.  HRL Park changed its name to Pops Park in 2006. Along with his number 15 the A's, his team are also retired. Thanks Pops.
HOF- Class of 2003