Pat "Truck" Moriarty
One of the leagues founders. Played 1986-2003 ( 14 seasons )  
HOF Class of 2006!
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HRL Titles- 2 (1992 and 2000)
HR Rank: 2nd All-Time ( 1607 )
HR King Titles- 3  (87', 89', 91')
Has the Record for most HR in a season All-Time- 291
100+ HR seasons- 6   Rank- T-2nd   200 HR seasons- 3   Rank- 1st
4-18-93 Threw his only No-Hitter Vs Trinkey 2-0 win.
4-Time All-Star, AS game HR Derby champ in 2002.
Cy Wiffle- 2002
MVP- 1993
2nd in All-time wins with 170.
Pat was one of the founding fathers of the HRL.  He was a fixture in this league from 1986-2003 when he moved away to Minnisota. His 1600 + Hr's and his multiple Titles cant measure what Truck has been to the league. He helped start the league in 1986 and got it back up and running for the 3rd generation of HRL wiffler in 1999.  He was the webmaster up until he left in 2003. His success carried with him to the Twin Cities. He Started HRLTC in 2004 and has the leaguw ith 20 teams and 2 cities as succesful as any league can get.   In 2006 he given the highest honor where he, his team and number were officially retired in the HRL. No one will ever be the Royals in the HRL or where number 85 again!  What people may not know is that Pat is also the creator of the "Wiffle Ball team Logo's" that we have. he hand drew, scanned and designed most of the ones that you see today.  He was a great competitor, Wiffler and most of all a great friend.
   We sat down with Pat to find out what his thoughts on the league, Hall of Fame and Wiffles have meant to him over the years.  Here is what he had to say.
HOF: You helped start the league in 1986, you played here for 14 seasons before moving to Minnesota and starting HRLTC. What does it mean to you to know that 7 years after you retired and moved it is still going strong?

Truck: It's always nice to see something you helped to build continue on. The league was as big a part of my growing up as anything else, and I can only hope the kids playing today can look back on it the same way when they're grown and moved on as well.

HOF: You became only the 2nd member of the HRL HOF joining your Father Pops (Class of 2003) in 2006. You, Your team and number were retired that year. What does it mean to you to be in the HRL Hall of fame?

Truck: It's pretty sweet-- though I hope to see more guys get in that were there in the early years and helped restart the league in '99 thru the Pops Park years, guys like Jeremy Roache, Dan Berry, Josh Shore, Brian Farrelly, Adam Bush. Those guys need to be mentioned and remembered, not just the "core five" that were around since '86.

HOF: Out of the 14 + years you were here in the HRL, What are some of your favorite memories?

Truck: Far too many to count, but restarting the league in '99 and the amount of blood, sweat and tears we all put into making ourselves a new field and getting a great thing going again has to be the best.

HOF: You are in the Top 2 in most offensive and pitching Categories. You’re a 3 time HR king. (87’, 89’, 91’) You won the MVP Award in 1993, The CY Wiffle in 02’ (Your last full season) and you won 2 Championships (92’, 00”). Which of the accomplishments means the most to you? And Why?

Truck: Probably the Cy Wiffle in '02, because it's my opinion the league was at it's most talented (when I was around anyway) that year. Nobody was an easy opponent, and it was a blast! Being named best pitcher in a deep talent pool like that was pretty awesome.

HOF: Looking back over the years, Is there anything that you wished you would have done differently?

Truck: Not a damn thing.

HOF: Is there anything that you wanted to accomplish that you wish you could have?

Truck: Looking back now, I wish we'd have had enough guys and/or interest to play in teams. Knowing what I know now, it's so much more fun.

HOF: In your opinion, in all you’re playing years as a pitcher which batter did you fear the most? As a batter which pitcher did you fear the most? Along the same lines, who did you have the most success against as a pitcher? And as a hitter?

Truck: My brother Cary was a pretty tough out most of the time if I recall, he was likely my worst nightmare as a pitcher. From the hill, I always remember feasting on Boom-Boom's AB's. As a hitter, I probably fared best against Rene, and hated facing Pops.

HOF: What is your favorite HR celebration?

Truck: It's a tie between the Cheese Cutter with The Steve, and that tappy shoe/goofy face thing I used to do with Trinkey. Good times.

HOF: When players look back on Pat “Truck” Moriarty- Hall of Famer and see what you accomplished in your time and what you did for the league, how should they think of you? How would describe the type of player you were here?

Truck: I really want to be remembered as someone who brought the HRL Style of play to a new level and introduced a whole new audience to the game, and in a way, changed it for the better. In HRL Mass, I was probably too over-competitive... my years out here have really mellowed me out and made me realize that competition is great, but fun is what really matters.

HOF: Are there any last words to leave to the past, current or any future players?

Truck: Just have fun with it, is all I'd say. Enjoy the good times, you'll love looking back on all the fun you had years from now!