2010 All-Star Weekend

The All-Star game itself may have been stopped due to rain but... The rest of the festivities went off without a hitch!

Here is how it went down!
All-Star weekend starts off great and ends with rain.  The All-Star game will now be played at a later date. 
 Here is how the rest of the activities went down!
~The 1st annual Skills challenge~
Pitching Challenge ( 10 pitches to throw the most strikes )
1st round-  Rob-6, Harry and Cody each with 5 moved onto the finals.
Harry hit 5 of his 6 pitches to set the pace at 8.
Cody then followed with 6 straight and finished with 7.
Rob ended the round and pitching challenge with 2.
Harry's 8 strikes took the Challenge.
Next was onto the "Speed on the base paths" challenge
Each player was timed from 2nd to home.  Fastest 3 moved onto the finals.  So who would be the ultimate speedster?
Well here is what happened
Mink recorded the slowest time at 6.33 seconds. 
The fastest time was Elliot with a 5.01 seconds!  Elliot, PJ and Seeatch moved onto the finals for the ultimate challenge, Home to Home. 
Seeatch-10.53 seconds
PJ- 10.17 seconds
Elliot- A crazy 9.71 Seconds to win the "Speed Challenge."
Lastly, was the 12th annual 12th anuual HR derby!
Each player was given 10 outs to get as many HR's as they can.
The first round saw everyone but mink getting atleast 2 HR's, Mink ended with Zero! ( Sorry Mink )
PJ, Rob and Cody each had 2.  Seatch finished with 3 HR's.
4 players moved onto the semi-finals.
Harry paced the 1st round with 7 bombs.
Steve made it into the semi's with 6.
Elliot and Dan L. rounded things out with 5 each.
This is where things got crazy!
Dan lead off the semi's ebsting his first round total of 5 by getting 6.
Elliot then stepped up to tie dan with 6 bombs.
Steve went 3rd and finished with 11 moving into the finals.
Harry was last to go needing to match his 1st round of 7 to get into the finals. He hit 6 to set up a tie breaker with Dan and Elliot.  
The first tie breaker was 5 outs only.
 Dan lead off again and managed to get 3 HR's. Elliot again matched Dan with 3.  Harry was last to go and managed to keep things going with 3 of his own. 
 The tie breaker then went to 3 outs each.  Dan hit 1.  Elliot then Elliminated Dan by hitting 2 out. All Harry would need to do is hit 3 to move on.  Harry only managed to hit 1 and it was Elliot moving onto the finals.
The Finals pitted the top 2 HR hitters in the league against one another. 
 Elliot who had the low round in the semi's lead off with 6 huge HR's.  After a long break Steve needed 7 HR's to win the derby, He did just that! He belted his 7th and deciding HR right down the left line to win his first HR derby.
What a great day it was.  The All-Star game itself will be resceduled for a later date due to rain. 
Thank to all who came and made it as great of a day as it was.

Your 2010 All-Stars:  Elliot, Steve, Seeatch, Cody, Dan L., Harry, Zack, Spleen, Risotti, Dave V., Boom and Mink!