Truck comes to town....

L-R Steve, Mike C., Boom Boom, Truck, Cody

  It was like the good old days at HRL's Pops Park.  Spleen and Mike Canu on the mound and Truck hitting Bombs.   It was an unexpected and great surprize.  The "Truck" had come to play.  The big guy on vacation and a break from life in the Twin Cities came for a visit.  The antics were reminiscent of the old days.  An unsuspecting Zack got the ball tap immediately! ( So funny ) As we were filled in on the lingo that is HRLTC we played some ball. ( Did that hit? ) 
   As expected the HRL HOF picked up right where he left off, hitting bombs like he used too. It was much needed offensive support for Spleen. Spleen who missed the playoffs last year because of lack of Starts needed the game and the win.  He got just that. Spleen captilized with good pitching and huge offensive support from Truck. ( 5-6 5 HR's, 8 Rbi's ) This would be the difference. 
   Spleen Jumped out to a 3-0 lead int he first off a Truck 3-run shot, 5-0 in the 2nd and 6-0 in the top of 3rd before Canu would get on the board.  Zack and Brett HR's put Mike down 6-3 heading into the 4th.  The 4th would be scoreless for both teams.  The 5th inning was the strike as Spleen's Indians plated 6 runs thanks to Solo shots from Seeatch, Truck twice and a 3-run shot from Cody.  The Mariners plated to in the bottom of the 5th but, the damage was done.  The Joke of the day was without Truck Mike wins 5-4!  
All in all it was great to see the big guy. I think that it goes without saying that the HRL missed you buddy.   I know Spleen sure will miss you come playoff time!