HRL 2010 Playoff's
Steve captures 1st HRL Title with a 2 game sweep of Elliot!!!
Play in round:
Mike beats Chris 11-6 to move into the Quarter-Finals.
Quarter Finals:
Steve beats Dan 11-1 to move into the Semi's!
Elliot comes back from 10-3 down to win 18-12 over Mike.
Cody beats Harry 13-11 to move on.
Spleen gets by Dan L. with a 4-3 7 inning walk off win.
#5 Cody Vs #1 Elliot
#3 Spleen Vs #2 Steve
Steve wins series 2 games to 0
Steve moves into the finals for the 2nd time in 5 years.
Game 1- Steve 12-1
Game 2- Steve 13-5
Elliot wins 2 games to 1. 
This will be his 3rd straight trip to the Finals!
  Game 1- Elliot 17-7
Game 2- Cody 7-4
  Game 3- Elliot 12-4
#2 Steve Vs #1 Elliot
Game 1: Steve 12-8 ( 7 Innings )
Game 2: Steve 7-6
Game 1: 
In a battle that started out completely on one side, ended the same way for the the other side.  After a scoreless top half of the 1st Elliot started his finals off with a HR in his 1st At bat to give himself a 1-0 lead. In the 2nd Steve's Pirates would get a hit from Steve but nothing else.  The White Sox would get 2 in the bottom with  two 2-out hits from Cody and Harry. Scoreless in the 3rd lead to the 4th.  The Pirates would get another baserunner but could do nothing with it. The White sox would add to the lead in the bottom with a huge 2 out HR from Mink.   Down 5-0 in the 5th and having only 2 baserunners all game, the Pirates started the rally!
   After a quick out to start the 5th the walks started to come.  The next two batters walked and then a K made it 1st and 2nd with 2 outs.  2 more walks in a row put the Pirates on the board down 5-1.  A 2 run Error made it 5-3 Before Steve ended the inning with an out.  In the bottom Cody would hit a solo shot increasing the lead to 6-3. Top of the 6th was more of the same for the Steve's Crew.  A lead off walk from Scott and K from Dan set up the top of the order.  3 straight hits including a 2 run hit from Scott cut the lead to 6-5 with 1 out. The next 3 batters would walk tying the game at 6-6 heading into the bottom of the inning. A scoreless bottom of the 6th sent us into extra's! 
 A near HR to start the inning from Dan D. set up the top of the order again.  Jeff lead off with a hit, Steve hit a two run shot to help his own cause. This would be the Pirates first lead of the game at 8-6. Scott and Dan each got a hit to put 1st and 2nd with 1 out. Jeff would then walk to load them up for Steve.  He would answer with a Grand Slam and a 6 run lead.  2 straight outs after that would send it to the bottom of the 7th with the score 12-6 in favor fo the Pirates.  Steve would get 2 quick outs before a Mink hit left Elliot up and he answered with a 2-run shot. Steve would get Cody to end the game on a ground out.  Final Steve 12-8.
 Game 2:
Game two was just as intresting as the 1st.  Steve needed just a game 2 win to get his 1st HRL title.  The White Sox got a lead off walk from Elliot but could not get any runs as Elliot was picked off by Seeatch going from 2nd to 3rd. The Pirates started the scoring early in game two. Walks again were a problem for Elliot.  2 First inning walks from Steve and Seeatch left Steve with 2 guys on and a chance to take an early lead. He would help himself by hitting a 3-run shot and  taking a 3-0 lead after 1 inning.  Elliot did get 3 K's in the inning though. 
The 2nd inning saw Elliot lace a ball to left and get on base again.  He would get hit again going 2nd to 3rd this time by Chris ending the 2nd inning.  The Bottom of the 2nd was more of the same for the Pirates.  A quick first out was followed by another walk and two base hits driving in another run.  They would leave two baserunner on though as Elliot would get two ground outs after another walk.   The 3rd Inning saw the White Sox get on the board. Elliot would lead off with a Solo shot to cut the lead 4-1.  After 2 outs and a walk from Elliot a Cody flyout to Seeatch would end the threat.   Steve's crew would get that run back and another thanks to a lead off hit from Chris and a 2-run shot from Seeatch. After a Steve ground out and a Chris strikeout Seeatch would walk.  Steve then got a hit but Elliot would Strikeout Chris again to end the threat. The score was 6-1 Pirates after 3 innings.
A scoreless 4th from both teams set up a Crazy 5th!    Elliot lead off the 5th with a laser hit to left. Then Steve would get the next two outs. Then this is where things got intresting.  After a random car ran over our ball and damn near ran over Zack the White Sox woke up!  Another hit from Elliot would score the run from 3rd. The lead now cut to 6-2. A walk followed by a huge hit from Zack made it 6-3 with 2 outs.  This sent Elliot up to the plate as the tying run.  He would come through.  Elliot hit a 3 run shot to make the score 6-6.  Steve would get Cody to flyout to end the inning.  The bottom of the 5th had Seeatch k to start the inning.  The Steve would then follow with a hit. Elliot would then get Chris to K for the 2nd out.  Then Seeatch would come up big.  He drove the ball to deep center and Steve was off with the pitch.   Elliot would throw at Steve coming home missing him by inches.  Steve would then walk and Chris would ground out to end the inning. The Pirates would take a 7-6 lead with 3 outs to go.  Steve got Zack to ground out to start the inning. Elliot would then hit another laser shot that Seeatch would snatch up for the 2nd out.  Steve worked a 0-2 count to Cody before he blasted a shot that went through Steve's legs and a was out thanks to a Seeatch diving grab to end the game.   With the 3rd out made Steve was left as the 2010 CHAMPION!  The win was the 11th in a row for Steve and his 1st  HRL Championship!
Congrats to Steve on the 2010 Championship!!!!
Congrats to Elliot on a great year. It was his 3rd trip in row to the finals and i am sure that he will be back next year to try to win his 1st title.