The 2011 Playoff picture!
Well its that time of year again, Playoff Time!  Here is a look at the last 5 Finalists and champs.  
2006- Steve vs Harry- Harry won 2-0
2007- Harry vs Scott- Scott won 3-2
2008- Elliot Vs Dave- Dave won 2-1
2009- Elliot Vs Dan L.- Dan  won 2-0
2010- Steve Vs Elliot- Steve won 2-0
Only Harry has been able to make it back to try to defend the title since the 2006 season.  There has been consistancy with the players who have been there. Elliot has been there 3 straight years.  Steve and Harry each have been there twice. Harry made it back to defend his title but lost the series 3-2. With all that being said it shows that the hardest thing to do may be to defend. That leaves one question, can Steve get back there and defend his title?  The answer to that question wont be known for atleast a few more weeks.  Here is a look at that the top 10 and the 2011 Playoff bracket!



Good luck to everyone!