Who will it be?

#5 Cody Vs #1 Elliot
Game 1: 
 Cody put up 4 runs in the top of the 1st.  The keys of the innings were a solo shot to start the game from Steve and a huge 3-run shot from Cody.   Unfortunately Elliot would come back in the bottom of the 1st and hit his own solo shot and a Grand Slam.  Making it 5-4 headed into the 2nd.  Cody would haqve his chances getting guys on but no one else was able to score. Elliot would add two more making it 7-4.
Game 1: Elliot 7-4 ( 6 Innings )
Game 2: 
It seemed after a 1-2-3 1st from Cody this was going to be his game.  A lead off hit in the 2nd was followed by 2 quick outs.  Then it went down hill. Mink sqeaked a hit just over the line driving in the games 1st run. Eric would then pick up his 2nd hit of the inning. Stoney would then hit a 3-run shot making it 4-0.  After an Elliot walk Mink continued with a huge hit to right scoring Elliot from first. Eric would end the scoring with another hit and an RBI.  In the bottom of the 2nd Zack would hit a solo shot making the score 6-1 now.  The 3rd inning Saw more scoring for the White Sox.  A sac Fly form Stoney and anothe HR from Elliot made it 9-1 headed into the 4th.  The white sox would get 1 more int he 5th to end allt he scoring at 10-1.
   Game 2: Elliot 10-1 ( 6 innings )
#6 Dan D.  Vs #2 Stoner
Game 1:
In a game that was back and forth from inning #1 Stoner gave a good effort but fell just short as Dan picked up a win in game 1.  Dan was helped by a 3 HR game and 6 Rbi's from Chris and 4 more HR's from Steve.  Stoner who battled all game got HR's from Mink ( 2 ), Slim ( 1 ) and himslef ( 1 ) but for a game that had both team score in every inning except for the 5th it wasnt enough for Stoney. 
Dan D. 11-9 ( 6 Innings )
Game 2:
The second game was a little more of the same.  It was a back and forth game.  Inning by Inning it was either tied or a 1 run lead.  With the game tied at 5 in the 4th both pitchers settled in for the 5th and 6th by not allowing any runs.  Stoner who got help with the long ball again had HR's from Steve, Mink and Himself.  Dan D. got 3 rbi's each from Boom and Slim and 1 himself.  With the game tied we headed for Extra's!  Stoner the away team would strike 1st! Mink would hit a solo shot and put stoner up by 1. Unfortunately for the Blue Jays they would end the inning with the bases loaded.  This would bring Dan and his team up with a chance to tie or win the game and the series.  Dan would do just that. A lead off Double from Eric was followed by and Orbi by Slim. Stoner would K the next batter to get the second out of the inning.  Then an Error by Steve was followed by an IBB of Eric.  This would Bring Slim up to bat with 2 outs. Slim would come up huge! He would drive in the game and Series ending run with a hit up the middle.
Game 2: Dan D. 7-6 ( 7 Innings )