Here is how it is going to go.....

- Teams will be set up into divisions.
- The total amount of teams depends on how many games you will play. 
- You will not have less than 3 games played. 
- Top 13 teams overall make the playoff's.
- Playoff's will then go to a Single elimination. 
- Remember that The HRL is a New England medium pitch championship  qualifying organization so if you finish in the final 4 you will qualify for the medium pitch Championship.  Which the HRL will host this year.
- Also check out how the qualifying point system works as there will be an Medium pitch tournament championship at the end of summer.
- Championship Tourney will be $100 a team. The payouts are higher. 24 teams x $100= $2400. Then we take $300 in expenses. Then the remaining $2100 goes to prize money.  1st- $600, 2nd- $500, 3rd- $400, 4th- $300, 5th- $200, 6th- $100, 7th- Free Entry to HRL Tourney, 8th- Free Entry to HRL Tourney.