The "X" Glossary....What we have to keep behind closed doors.

Blumpkin - a blow job. This word was often uttered by Shore in the '99 season, and the feud continues between he and Brian Farrelly as to who brought the word into the league. Steve now uses the word as lyrics to many popular songs, often singing them out loud during games. "Six-teen Blumpkins......." In this light, Steve now awards the  sultan of suck award formally the Golden Blumpkin Award, to the player who sucks the most (all in fun).   Also see Muffkin.
Muffkin- Oral pleasure to a women while she is using the bathroom.
A London Bridge- A term used by Randy to desrcibe a man in front and a man behind a women engaged in sexual relations who, put there hands together above her forming a "London Bridge".  Also See Fisticuffs

Fisticuffs- A term used to describe a women in between two men during sexual relations.
Angry Dragon- When a man is receiving oral pleasure and about to climax, he slams the women's head down causing the load to shoot from her nose. Making her look like an "Angry Dragon"
Random Boobies Night- This night came after an HRL awards banquet moved from Uno's in Fitchburg to Jillian's in worcester. Matt  after a few to many ask a girl to show hers if he showed his.  She didnt think he would but, those who were there know he had just zipped up his pants. he did it again and She then showed hers to all present. This night is known as "The Random Boobies Night."