NE Medium Pitch Championship Qualifiers and Tournament Points system: 
For all New England medium pitch championship qualifying tournaments and league's:
 You will be awarded the following point totals for 1st-4th place. (Ties will be awarded as follows: Example T-3rd,  Half of the total for 3rd and 4th place will be awarded to each team.) 
160, 110, 90, 80 for 1st - 4th.
Top 24 teams make the championship we do open registration if 24 teams do not accept.  Our goal is to offer a competitive format that gives back to its teams with a big payout and a great time. 
24 Teams X $100 per team = $2400 we take out a $300 or less for Trophy and Expenses.  As long as 24 teams show its $2100 in prize money.  See Purse Breakdown If the amount of teams is less than 24 we will give out the max prize money with whatever teams are there- expenses.   ( All HRL regular season tournaments: We give out about between 40%- 50% )
Points System- If participating in Tourney. ( Other Qualifiers are pro-rated to match this system )
The Pro-rated Points system is based on a 16 team Bracket. Where our tourney we only takes 13 teams The top 3 seeds that Get byes earn those 30 points for "Bye Win"  this is to balance the point system.
Each Division win will be worth- 10 Points
Each Playoff win will be worth- 30 Points
You will earn an additionl 20 points if you win the tourney.