Welcome to the HRL Hall of Fame!
Here you will find retired players, teams, and there numbers.  Although the players in the HOF are "Retired" It doesnt mean that they dont come back from time to time! 
They players were inducted because they made the notable contributions to the league and deserve to be here!   So take a look and enjoy.   Congrats to all of them.

Patrick "Pops" Moriarty- Class of 2003, 1986-2004 ( 15 Full seasons )
Pat "Truck" Moriarty- Class of 2006, 1986-2003 ( 14 Full Seasons )
Tom "Trinkey" Trainque- Class fo 2009, 1986-2007 ( 18 Full Seasons )
Cary Moriarty- Class of 2010, 1986-2005 ( 16 Full Seasons )
Randy "Spatch" LeBlanc- Class of 2010, 1986-2009 ( 20 Full Seasons )
-Here is the criteria for entering the Hall of Fame-
1. The Player must have played in a minimum of atleast 5 seasons. 
2. The Player hasnt played for atleast 1 full season before they are eligible to get into the HOF. ( Unless its waived by the league's governing body )
3. No more than 2 players per year will be inducted.
4. The Player must meet a standard of excellence (Stats) or have contributed to the league to be considered for the HOF.