Here are the links to the Friends of the HRL. If you want to add your link email me at

The Sister league of the HRL.  Founded by HRL Mass original member, Pat "Truck" Moriarty. 
They are a great bunch of guys who enjoy the game and have some serious fun.  Check them out.

They run a Sunday league all summer and a fall season. Also they host some tourneys.   There a good group of guys in league that is growing pretty large,    Please make sure to check them out.

Check out this new site.  They have a great set-up with a classic look.  They play in a field that looks identical to the old Ebbets field in Brooklyn New York. They are in Amesbury Mass.  Check them out.
Also check out his other page.

 Western Mass Wiffleball.  ( Located in Agawam Mass.  They Do double headers every Sunday from May untill October.  Make sure to check them out.

Silverlake wiffleball league founded by former commisioner of the HRL and long time memeber Joe Love and Matt Prince.   Check them out. Tourney style wiffleball.  

Big time tournament wiffle's. Atleast 2 tourney's a month all summer long.  If your looking for a good tourney that is well run and offer's more than just wiffle's. Check them out!

Britton John Broatch Wiffle Tournament
Check this tourney out. The BJB annual wiffleball tourney. Run by Gavin Broatch a good guy who knows how to run a good tourney. Proceeds will benefit "Britton John Broatch Memorial Foundation, Inc." So please check them and sign up soon as the spots fill up fast.

They run a 2 Day tourney every year. It usually is at the end of June. They consistantly gets over 100 teams.

They play out of Albany,NY seems like a great bunch of guys.  They have an excelent site and they play plenty of ball.  Check it out.

The HRL has been proudly sponsoring the N.A.L.L. Since 2002 and Holds an annual wiffleball tournament to help raise money for them. If you would like to donate or just find out what you can do to help check them out. 

Check out the best fast pitch league in the Country. They are now expanding into multiple states and growing at a fast pace. They offer mutiple division play including a medium pitch division.

 Great Tournaments in multiple locations.  Every year they have a Medium Pitch Championship.  The  HRL is a NE Medium Pitch Championship  qualifying organization. Check them out to learn more.

 Turners Wiffleball League
New place same League.  They have 16 teams and play triple headers each sunday. they are located in Southwick Mass.  Check them out.

They run a great tourney every year. Check them out.  They draw a great crowd with great competition.

The Wiffle Ball, Inc.
Check it out!!! The birth place of wiffleball right here in NE.  Check out wiffle gear, rules, and how it all began.  You can also link to the producer of wiffleballs and bats at

3 on 3 Wiffle Ball tourney's.  They have a World Championship in September every year.

A  league out of Northern Vt.  They have a team league with a consistant group of players.  Check them out!
Check out Little Fenway, They also have a Little Wrigley set up for play as well. They run a 3 day tourney every year for the Travis Roy foundation.  They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Its a great cause and without a doubt some of the best looking wiffleball field's ever  constructed. They are located in Jericho, Vermont.   Check them out.
The Auburn Wiffleball League. They play in Auburn mass. Good looking site, plenty of content. They run a summer league. check it out for all the info.