2012 All-Star Weekend!

Check out the recap of the Thursday night All-Star Skills competition and HR Derby below.   The All-Star game itself was played Friday night. 
All-Star game   >>>> Click here! ( All-Star game Breakdown coming this week )

Your 2012 All-Stars!
Top 2 are your captains!
1. The Steve     2. Seeatch   3. Elliot   4. Cam   5. Otto
6. Eric   7. Harry   8. Chris   9. Dave   10. Joe Love  11. Slim  12. Mink
Harry was unable to make and Nikki was called up for her 1st AS appearance.
Lets start from the top:
Thursday night was the AS Skills competition and HR Derby.
The Skills competition which is in its 3rd year has evolved each of its first 3 seasons. 
In 2010 and 2011 we had the pitching accuracy contest which was 10 pitches from the mound. The players with the most hit each round would do the same in the finals.  
2010- Cody Vs Harry, Harry Champion
2011- Otto Vs Elliot- Elliot Champion
 We also had a "Speed on the bases" contest ( That was dispanded after 2010. There was not enough of us who wanted to run around and be timed! )  
2010- Elliot Champion 
In 2012 we wanted to continue to add to the accuracy contest and add the pick off element to the game.  So what we did was set up a zone at every base and give each player 20 balls to hit all 4 targets.  The players witht he least amount of balls to hit all targets would move on each round to the finals.
12 players participated in the event.
 1st round
 ( All players hit all 4 zones unless noted. )
Steve- 5 balls,  Otto- 5 ballsJoe- 7 balls,  Billy 8 balls,  Harry- 13 balls,  Elliot- 14 balls,  Slim- 15 balls,  Cam- 15 balls,  Seeatch- 15 balls,  Eric- 16 balls,  Mink- 18 balls,  Nikki- 20 balls ( 2nd Base )    
2nd Round
( The top 4 players moved on the 2nd round )
Otto- 5 balls, Steve-7 Balls, Joe- 8 balls, Billy- 20 balls
Final Round
( The Top 2 players squared off in the finals )
Steve- 7 balls
Otto- 6 balls
Otto avenges his 2011 finals loss in the skills competition and wins the 2012 skills competition.
Next it was time for the 2012 HR Derby!
The 2012 HR Derby featured 13 players. 
Round 1
Nikki- 0, Boom- 1, Harry- 1, Joe- 1, Otto- 2, Steve- 2, Slim- 3, Mink- 4, Elliot- 4, Billy- 4, Cam- 7, Eric- 7, Seeatch- 10
Round 2
( Top 6 moved onto the next round )
Mink- 0, Billy- 1, Eric- 1, Cam- 3, Seeatch- 4, Elliot- 4
The Finals
Seeatch- 5
Elliot- 7
Elliot who was in the HR derby finals for the 3rd straight year finally gets a win!
Congrats to the winners of the HRL's All-Star festivities!