This piece of  HRL history is back with new terms and old.  So sit back take a look and find out
 the next time someone calls you a Punion,
 what the hell it actually means? 
If anyone has any suggestions to terms that should be added email me, The Steve.

French Fry - was the right field foulpole at Moriarty Stadium for a few years. It later was planted behind the barn at LeBlanc Stadium, and was later removed from its wreckage and planted behing the centerfield fence at HRL Park to commemorate the old days. It's the only hardware that has seen all three of the HRL's fields.

Dennis Mitchell Bat - a bat that Trinkey brought over back in '86 that came from a Dennis the Menace playset, and looked like a fat yellow bowling pin. The photo depicts a black version of this bat. This one-handed war club was quickly banned because balls flew off it like a rocket.

Curse of the Cinco - a curse that erupted and ended in the '99 season that worked like this: If you score 5 runs in any one inning, you will lose. This curse held true the entire year until Randy broke it in a playoff game.

The Border - the left field out of play line, where Jeremy ( Former HRL Super-Star)  liked to hit balls. We call this "Making a run for the border".

Red Curtain - the 12 foot tall red left field wall at Moriarty Stadium. The fence was made of three layers of old wooded pool fencing, and often sagged under the sheer weight of it, thus the name.

Foleyfest - the Foleys helped shape the HRL into what it is today. Most of today's players never met them, but Mike and sons Dave and Chris played in the first four years of the league's existence. (Dave and Mike are still in the league's top 15 homer list.) Games where the Foleys would join the Moriartys were called Foleyfests.

Croly - coined from the Foleyfests, Coca-Cola was the official beverage of the league. Aside from the occasional Rolling Rock or Killian's, it still is. Croly is just a shortened term for Coke.

Cheese Mitten - any bloop hit, usually directed at the corner bases, first or third.   Uaually followed by "Can I get a ruling on that?", to which all players make the sign of the cheese mitten with the right hand...

Punion - a term coined by Pops, meant to insult a player who doesn't run out his grounders.

6th Inning Mentality - the tendency of hitters in a tight game to keep the bat on the shoulder and play for the walk. also known as Wuss Mentality

Wiffle Puffs - a hairstyle worn by HRL stars Randy and Truck in the late 80's and early 90's where long hair poofed out of the back of the wiffle cap.

Random- Originally used to Desribe Julie, The "Random Canadian." A Girl who showed up at "Random" at the field to watch during the 02' season. Matt P had much to do with her being there at first. She soon was a fixture and came for most of us. The word also desribes most anything that is well  "Random." Its making another comeback.

Bucket Therapy - When a player is struggling, he sits down on a 5-gallon bucket and a fellow players runs and pushes him over as hard as he can, almost to the point of injury. This is said to cure slumps.  Pioneered by The Colon.

Poosh - a pile of loam that served as Moriarty Stadium's original backstop for the first couple of years. In the summertime, it became overgrown with sticky wet weeds, making the search for stray foul balls an unenviable task.

Step-Ya-Swoop - a comical method of hitting originally devised by Randy in the old school days, and attempted to be learned by Trinkey, but to no avail.

Digibit - a small cut out plastic bit that is attached to the scoreboard and is used with other digibits to appear as digital numbers. This outstanding invention was the brainchild of Randy in the 1991 season. The HRL still uses digibit technology today.

Green Monster - it has appeared in two forms. At Moriarty Stadium, the Monster was a 50 foot tall pine tree that draped over center field and was directly responsible for robbing many a homer. At HRL's Pops Park, the Monster is an 8 foot tall plywood wall that stood as the RF wall from 2001-2008.  Most of the wood used was part of the massive wall
Going Brickyard- A term coined by Dylan in 2006. Allthough he rarely went Brickyard it became common to say you were going brickyard.  To go Brickyard refers to Hitting a Home Run towards the Brickyard Billards and Beyond the local bar adjacent to Pops Park.
The "V" Shot- A term used to describe the section of tree's forming a "V" behind the left center field fence. The Big "V" almost caused Dyaln to quit as he bet with Dave to hit it through "V". The Steve Tried to get in too but, Before Dylan said ok Steve put one through the "V" Shot and Dylan declined the bet.

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